Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Special Offer for Bernando LaPallo Fans 15% Off

Dear Readers,

For several months I've been working behind the scenes with Grampa's number 1 herbal product manufacturer to bring you a Special Offer that  gives Canada , most of Europe and the entire United States a 15% discount for first time customers. What it it?  None other than the American Botanical Pharmacy founded by Dr Richard Schulze. Finally for those  sitting on the fence this is an opportunity to try Dr  Schulze's first class group of herbal formulas in the form of his famous Superfood Plus, Liver, Kidney/Bladder, and Bowel/Colon 5 day programs, tinctures, ointments , Supermeals and much more.  As you are aware, Bernando used Superfood daily for 35 years literally until the day he died at age 114. Please check out the video  with all the details. Share it generously because you could literally help save someone's life who has been suffering Watch This Video Now and Share! Thank you! 

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