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How to Throw a Valentine's Party with Usana foods

How to Throw a Valentine's Day Party with USANA Foods

The winter doldrums are here so thank goodness Valentine's Day is around the corner! It's mid winter and we have 6 weeks to go until the Spring Solstice. Here on the East Coast in reality that means we won't see any buds on the trees until April. Temperatures have been in the mid twenties on average with gusting winds making the less winter sports minded more inclined to spend time inside often resulting in feelings of isolation and boredom. And what do we do when we are bored and lonely? We eat. Thank heavens with the foods provided by USANA Health Sciences, we can enjoy eating in the company of others,  a sure fire cure for the mid winter blues. Throwing a party and showing guests, friends, family, new prospects or long time customers how to eat better with optimal nutrition is a wonderful way to meet the goals we set for ourselves as business persons while they stick to their weight loss goals for the new year. While lauded as a lover's holiday, I say spread the love around and expand it.This year we have two weekends to celebrate as February 14th falls on a Thursday. On the weekends of Feb 10th and 17th, I will be hosting two parties with half a dozen persons each. I feel good that the mother's with kids attending don't have to worry about the children over dosing on empty sweets too.
My featured guest is Paige Graham maker of  Paiges Perfections returning with her limited edition of Love Is in the Air hand poured lead free soy candles. Her stuff is so so good.
Some friends are bringing red wine and dishes rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids. After all, February is Heart Health month and everything served supports a healthy heart. Yummy! Whether your peeps are vegan, vegetarian, chocolate lovers or are trying to lose weight & keep it off,  these are all excellent options that supply real nutrition. After all, if life isn't fun who cares about being good?
On the Menu
Celiac Safe Gluten Free Chocolate cake Celiac Safe Gluten free recipes Usana Test Kitchen
Believe it or not this dream of a cake uses chick peas as it's base. Chickpeas are very high in protein. It's a flourless cake that incorporates USANA's Fibergy and Whey Nutrimeal. If you don't care to use eggs,  feel free to use an egg substitute. For those suffering from gluten intolerance or celiac's disease this will be a welcome treat.  Another winner from Diana Yin.

Baby It's Cold Outside!
Hot Cocoa Healthy Hot Cocoa Usana Test Kitchen

I recently made this cocoa using milk from Ronny Brook Farm that's sold at my local farmers market. Oh my goodness, good is not the word! Delicious, satisfying and best of all no crash and burn high that you get from traditional hot cocoas. Diana Yin was the mastermind behind this one. Drink and rejoice!

Chocolate Raw Mousse from LA Yoga Magazine

 Document Raw Chocolate Mousse! 
This recipe by Alicia Ojeda uses avocados, dates and cacao as the base. This recipe is a brilliant combination of
*Avocados which are naturally creamy, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids
*Raw Cacao a great source of anti oxidants and magnesium and
*Dates rich in fiber, a great natural laxative, they provide natural sweetness and nutrients such as potassium, iron. manganese, copper, vitamin A and  zea - xanthin that supports eye health. Used since Biblical times to break fasts. Potassium, also found in bananas, is a great way to help control high blood pressure reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries by Paige's Perfections

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