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Live Your Best Life Show features Bernando LaPallo Monday 25, 2013

Russ Terry Life Coach is the show's host

 Russ Terry's Live Your Best Life Show features 111 Year Old Author

Bernando LaPallo, the 111 years old author, chef and lecturer on the keys to his longevity, will be live on air talking about his upcoming new book with Blog Talk radio host Russ Terry Monday February 25, 2013. Terry's Live Your Best Life Show airs  at 9PM Eastern time and 7PM Mountain time. Bernando will be answering questions  during the second half of the show. Dial (818) 572 - 4950 to ask your question.


5 Tips from a 111 Year Old - Russ Terry Webisode 

Bernando is quite excited about his latest book venture and eager to bring it to audiences as soon as possible. With the success of his first book Age Less Live More - Living With Health and Vitality to 107 Years and Beyond that covered his life in terms of his upbringing and the great influence his physician father had on him and his top ten foods this book promises to go further into foods themselves. While many food and health trends today in America tend to jump on one band wagon or another  quickly eschewing one previously favored "miracle"  food only to cast it by the wayside when another one is touted as the "most" or the "best" it's refreshing to hear from the old school with a well rounded view of foods and their role in human health.
"Nothing God makes is bad but you have to know how to use it." Bernando says and we concur.
It's been a busy month in the media for Bernando. If you have not seen it check out this wonderful profile on Bernando from What's Up Usana?

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