Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let's Talk About The Yankees - Bernando Remembers The Highlanders & The Babe

Bernando  LaPallo 112 Lifelong Yankees Fan

Bernando LaPallo is turning 112 Years Old this summer and is still a diehard Yankees fan more than a century after first seeing them in Hilltop Park in Manhattan. Born in 1901, Bernando was only 9 or 10 years old when his father made the trip with is son from Philadelphia to New York to see The Highlanders. It was a gesture that any affectionate father would do if he could to please a boy who was always chanting "The Yankees are gonna win! The Yankees are gonna win!" His father Bernando LaPallo Sr. remarked that the Yankees should give him a sign that he was a Yankees Fan. About a century later Bernando is still a Yankees fan and though he hasn't gotten that sign yet he is still hopefull as he travels to New York this week for a string of appearances for his new book. He says the seat they had that day sitting opposite first base is still his preferred view. Back in 1910 to 1911 bleacher seats cost fifty cents and were made out of wood.
Babe Ruth whose popularity built Yankee Stadium

"That was something else. It was a sunshiney day. I remember that much." He also remembers Babe Ruth shaking his hand and saying to him "My youngest fan." For a kid who would later see Babe Ruth's popularity build Yankee Stadium known as The House That Ruth Built  that would remain an indelible memory that he would cherish.Bernando says he remembers everything clearly from 1927 on and fans know that 1927 was the year that The Babe led his team to victory winning The World Series with a lineup known as "Murderer's Row". Other memories include the rivalry between the Yankees and The Brooklyn Dodgers when Jackie Robinson stole home base to beat the Yankees in the World Series in 1955. As much as Bernando appreciated that Jackie broke the color barrier in sports,  he admits that he was till rooting for the Yankees that day in September.

NY Baseball Press Invited to Interview Bernando in June

We invite any reporter from YES to any of the daily papers who cover a beat to speak to Bernando in person while he is on New York City from June 1st through 6th, 2013. It would mean a lot to him and be a great human story with a person who lived a time that the rest of us can only read about. You can send an email to his PR Contact here
About:Bernando LaPallo is an author and speaker on longevity. His first book is entitled Age Less Live More - How to Live with Health and Vitality to 107 Years and Beyond. His second book Beyond 100 is being released in the summer of 2013.

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