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Notes from Women's Health Issues & Supplementation Part 2

Greetings! This is a second post from a repeat webinar class led by Dr. Ladd McNamara, a board certified OBGYN who is an author of The Power of Cellular Nutrition, an expert on bio identical hormones, a gynecological surgeon who has delivered hundreds of babies during his career. He is a father of a beautiful 15 year old girl and is a former member of USANA Health Sciences Scientific Advisory Panel. Today he spends his time lecturing about health concerns and the positive role supplementation plays in supporting health. The first talk he gave via the web on the topic of Women's Health had 750 attendees listening in and learning on the topics of a broad spectrum of  issues. Dr. McNamara covered Puberty, Peri-menopause, Pap smears, Osteoporosis, PCOS, complications that can arise in Pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes, Breast Health, Cervical Health, PMS and much more. The takeaway for me was that womens health is manageable with proper nutrition.

Seeing Through The Lens of Nutritional Deficiency 

Revealing was the uncovering of the old adage "it run's in the family" which too often signals  a resignation towards conditions that may arise. As women give birth to 100% of the population, the knowledge that there is indeed a  link to intergenerational predispositions to disease as seen through the lens of nutritional deficiencies is absolutely vital.This understanding is critical. Vitamins and minerals are the stuff that our cells are made of. Lack of optimal amounts has a cascade effect to our bones, reproductive organs, hormonal function, brain function, breast health and yes our children and even grand children. But why and how? Fascinating and empowering, the understanding that the links to issues even within one lifetime of one woman depend on the strength of her immune system. Indeed, it is the immune system in every area of the body that is important. The female body never stops functioning. The key as to whether or not is functioning well is taking an educated look at symptoms that examines options other than simply removing body parts that are also needed for a woman to live a long healthy life. Explore that which has been little talked about. Here I offer the highlights of what I was able to absorb. Indeed, the health issues of a woman are a complex and sophisticated thing that requires awareness, love and attention. I hope this is helpful to you. I direct you to Dr. McNamara's website where you can find more resources here

The Seeds of Osteoporosis Begin in Puberty


The connection between puberty and menopause was an eye opener for me. The importance of your girls getting optimal amounts of a calcium phosphate mineral complex has a direct impact on the strength of the bones in later years during menopause. I always had thought of bones as somehow being static after a teens growth spurt. In fact, the cells in the bones are living with a constant turnover with a 20% loss of bone mass after menopause. Collagen, the protein we associate with  youthful skin, is also a component of a woman's bones and help keep them elastic or bendable rather then brittle. Collagen production is greatly aided with Vitamin C.  Falls that occur due to brittle femurs around the hip can be avoided or minimized by getting Peak Bone Density. Peak Bone Density is set up during puberty. The teen years are a critical time for bone development setting the stage for the strength of bones throughout a woman's life. A bone density scan will reveal the density of bone mass. Dr. McNamara recommends Usana's Active Calcium or BodyRox chewable for teens and adults because of the optimal amounts it has and it's superior delivery system. It's highly  bioavailable which means these nutrients are absorbed the digestive tract within 35 minutes. I know of a woman in her sixties who would fracture a bone in her feet every time she tripped on something. After taking Active Calcium for two months the next time she tripped she had no fractures. This is a powerful reminder that keeping up on your supplementation can reverse a condition like osteoporosis that would otherwise be spiraling downward. The body is a machine. Replace what you use and your vehicle will run right.

Heart Health Migraines Hot Flashes

Dr. McNamara broke it down like this;

4 Tablets per day of USANA's Active Calcium provide 800 mg of calcium, 400 mg of Magnesium, 400 IU of Vitamin D which is essential for proper absorption, 9 mg of silicon, 1.32 mg of boron and 60mg of Vitamin K to aid in bone formation. Other purposes aside from the health of the bones are healthy heart, metabolism that will turn food into energy, and prevent migraines and the cramping of muscles. Without these the arteries constrict making blood flow poor to the brain and muscles. Magnesium is the "keys to car" I always say working synergisticaly with calcium. Magnesium allows the muscles to relax. A balanced supplement needs to have both Calcium and Magnesium in the proper ratio for the body to utilize it. This was a point that Ladd made repeatedly; That without the proper ratio of nutrients in supplementation effectiveness will be lost. BodyRox for growing teens who in todays world tend to live on pizza and soda pop is a convenient way for them to get what they need while setting them up for long term health throughout their lives. While the RDA is 200 mg of magnesium per day the reality is the body requires 400mg per day to be truly healthy. The other revelation was that the hot flashes experienced during menopoause are caused due to a constriction of the blood vessels that occur due to a lack of magnesium and calcium. In essence the blood is shot through the veins in spurts as it can given the burden it has trying to make it through in a shrinking passageway. Boost your supplementation and add grapeseed extract in the form of Proflavanol C to aid in healthy cardio vascular function. Note however that if you are taking blood thinners you will want to stay away from the grape seed as it can produce counter indications combined with that medication.

Cervical Health Pap Smears Breast Health


Dr. McNamara touched on human pappilloma virus which is the reason why pap smears are used. Human pappilloma virus mitigating factors are stress, smoking and oxidation. Once you have it you have it. However the good news is that boosting the immune system with the grape seed extract helps keep it in check. Cervical dysplasia a precursor of cervical cancer. HDV is a virus that leads to dysplasia. Cervical health is of course linked to immune health and while disease is always a possibility the chances of unhealthy cells being duplicated can be minimized with optimal amounts of Proflavanol C 100.  Proflavanol C 100  is a unique patented Hybrid supplement created by Usana that combines pure grape seed extract with Vitamin C.
The Essentials, Biomega and Vitamin D works synergistically in maintaining breast, cervical and even prostrate health in men. In addition the Hepasil DTX which is made from pure milk thistle and vitamin C is an aid as the liver does so much to digest and deliver nutrients. The takeaway here is to understand that you nutritional pipeline needs to be optimal in all areas as the body uses these essential nutrients in more than one area of the body.  As for breast health here is an encouraging insight by Dr. Christiane Northrup a pioneer in Women's health with four books on the subject.
" My quick take on the news of Angelina Jolie's bilateral mastectomies: The vast majority of women who get breast cancer have NO genetic risk factors. Optimal levels of vitamin D decrease breast cancer risk by 50%. Far too many women are already getting prophylactic mastectomies for DCIS-- which they will die with but not from. The combination of Jolie's celebrity and the current fear of breast cancer is a most unfortunate situation for most women. And yes-- there are instances in which prophylactic surgery is indeed a sound choice. But they are very very rare. "  -  Wednesday May 15, 2013 Also see the NY Times Op Ed here

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