Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Congratulation Your 5 Day RESET is over - Now What?

 So What's next?

You did it. You made it  through the first  5 Days of Usana's RESET program.Your jeans are probably feeling looser, your energy level up and in spite of your doubts No, you didn't gag on Usana's Nutrimeal shakes. You took your Healthpak religiously every morning and night for 5 days and maybe even started thinking that there IS something to this whole Nutrition thing. While you may not have reached your target goal just yet you are well on your way.  

Staying on Track is Easy
To keep moving in on your goals simply keep up with taking The Essentials twice a day.
This will insure that in spite of hectic schedules, missed meals or even a slip back to some fast food habits, that you are getting your essential dose of vitamins and trace minerals including your B's and the ever critical magnesium. 
Stay on Track with Usana's convenient foods

Your body has just been retrained to expect energy in the form of trace minerals over processed chocolates, donuts, empty grains and snack foods. Give your body what it craves! This will keep your cells ability to metabolize food into energy strong because mega anti oxidants and chelated minerals are where it's at. Remember that USANA's supplements have been designed without GMO's,toxins and are potency guaranteed. Consumer Labs, NSF Certified, GMP and FDA pharmaceutical grade manufacturing means you are getting the best just like every elite athlete that consumes them.

Keep Your Shakes Handy


Whether your driving to work, working late, flying to another city or your cupboard is bare you'll be well prepared when you keep your blender bottle handy. Keeping one at work, in your car or handbag and even at home will save you from running on empty. Usana has specials going on Right Now until July 25 on single serving 28 packs of Nurmeal in your favorite flavors for your convenience. As a PC you will save so take advantage. And at $2.50 a serving no fast food in the world can deliver this kind of optimal nutrition so conveniently. Keep replacing  2 meals a day at this stage with an USANA shake while you keep on taking your Essentials. By day 30 you will be sliding into those old clothes with considerable ease. It's all about compliance so make it easy on yourself an add bags of Nutrimeal and Essentials to your monthly order.
It's one less thing you have to think about while your amazing body carries on all the functions of maintenance and repair on autopilot. Congratulations!

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