Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Iced Coffee Nutrimeal Slushy for a 92F Day

Coffee ice cubes and Vanilla Nutrimeal
It's been HOT so very hot and today I just didn't feel like eating a proper meal. All I wanted to do was cool down. Being a wellness counselor of course I should heed my own advice as I knew that just gorging on an ice creamy dessert as delicious as it might be in the moment was going to spell a disaster for me later. About an hour later. My blood sugar would spike and then I'd crash and burn. My solution came to me in a flash based on what I had in the kitchen. I have been freezing our home's left over coffee in ice cube trays which makes the flavor more concentrated. I also learned from Dr. Susan Kleiner that coffee or more precisely caffeine can enhance performance because it's ability to reduce the perception of exertion.  So if coffee is your thing but you'd like to find a way to consume less in a healthier way while saving some cash this is for you. - Ekayani

Iced Cappuccino Slushy 

I used USANA's French Vanilla Nutrimeal; I get all my nutrients with that dessert feeling. Pure genius.
I used coffee ice cubes so it wouldn't get too watery
10 Oz of water
3 scoops of  Usana's French Vanilla Nutrimeal
 a dash of almond extract
1/2 tsp of coconut extract
- a dash of cinnamon (optional)
Blended it for 60 seconds and voila! Satisfied and cool!
What's your hot day recipe?

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