Thursday, April 30, 2015

Can Marijuana Help Disease? My Experience Taking Cannibidiol Oil

Dose of Nature Redstrap Cannibidiol Oil

Can medical marijuana help the ailing body? It has been in the news a lot lately with certain states legalizing the sale of marijuana for medical purposes. My own encounter with such a place occurred purely by coincidence as I was traveling in the San Jose, Santa Cruz area of California in 2010. My host needed to make a stop and it turned out it was for a newly opened distribution site that was impeccably clean which had many samples of plants available for customers. I found this fascinating and about as far away from New York's harsh Rockefeller Drug laws as one could get in the continental United States.  About two weeks ago I received a sample bottle of Red Strap CBD in Apricot Kernel Oil from an outfit called Dose of Nature. CBD stands for Cannibidiol or better known as hemp oil or if you prefer marijuana. Based in Utah, Dose of Nature makes oil and glycerine based products that are fully legal. This is because the THC is in such a small quality that you cannot "get high". The hemp is ingested bilingually under the tongue  (no smoking or inhaling) and is  used medicinally. It is considered to be an anti inflammatory and to be a neuro protectant in her words it appears to be good for  brain health. It  seems to be having a positive affect on persons with a wide range of diseases and disorders such as PTSD, diabetes, cancer, Parkinsons , epilepsy and autism.
Watch Dose of Nature's intriguing video here on Vimeo

My Tender Breast: My Personal Experience 

As for my own personal experience taking the drops, before receiving the bottle I was experiencing some tenderness in my left breast. Having just turned 52 I am now "at the age" where breast cancer strikes women down. When examining my breast using hand movements, it seemed to me that I had a rather large lump and although not hardened I wondered if it could be categorized as "benign". Needless to say I was not pleased with this and felt alarmed. As I turned over in my mind what my options were, I got an offer to sample a bottle of CBD oil. I accepted. On Monday April 13, 2015 I begin taking 20 drops under the tongue which is the recommended dosage. I did this daily over the next three days and by April 16, 2015 I felt no discomfort in my breast. I felt no tenderness and no lump and I still don't. As I write this entry, it is April 30 and I have continued taking the drops daily in the morning as part of my routine. I also felt no "high".  This has been a completely subjective experience. I have not gone to have a mammogram or any formal breast cancer examination as of yet. Clearly for anyone feeling any alarm getting a check up  should be part of the process of taking responsibility for ones health. I can only say that this subjective experience has given me hope and made me consider the intelligence of plants and the possibility that they can target diseased cells and kill them before they have a chance to spread and compromise my organism. My expression here is  my own opinion and is not intended to be prescription. My purpose is to share food for thought.
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