Sunday, April 12, 2015

Featured Product - Two Layers, Singular Liver Support with Hepasil DTX™

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Dear Friends,
Please watch the Dr Oz Show on April 16, 2015 to hear about this months featured product Hepasil DTX.

Please click on the hyperlink above for an excellent article on your liver and why it is so awesome! I talk about the liver almost as much as I do about Vitamin D and for good reason: My grandfather Bernando LaPallo has told me - and everyone around him-  that it is critical to keep your liver and colon clean for health and longevity. These two organs have the thankless task of removing toxins from your body. Did you know that:

1.The liver is our second-largest organ, and is critical to long-
term health. It acts like a washing machine, filtering harmful
toxins from the blood. And if you live in a big city, eat fatty or
sugary foods, drink alcohol, or take medications, you may
expose your liver to more toxins than you realize. To support
your liver and natural detoxification process, make sure to adopt
healthy lifestyle habits and consider adding a supplement like
Hepasil DTX to your daily routine.

Why I recommend these products: 

2. USANA’s patent-pending Hepasil DTX provides nutrients
that can help your body’s natural production of the powerful
detoxifying antioxidant glutathione. Our unique, comprehensive
formula has been clinically shown to boost glutathione levels
and support your body’s natural detoxification process.*

3. USANA Health Sciences is the only company to combine all the liver-supporting
ingredients in one two-sided tablet. They call it Nutritional Hybrid
Technology, and it gives you powerful potency in one convenient

And last but certainly NOT least the meticulous care in manufacturing these products that frankly EVERY COMPANY should be implementing. It's going in your body isn't it?  I take these myself and Spring is an excellent time to detoxify after a long hard winter. 

To your health!

Ekayani Chamberlin

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