Saturday, June 8, 2013

Champagne Riot Hits a High Note for Bernando LaPallo

Kate Manning sang like a bird  Photo S Sheddy

The Champagne Riot NY put on a stellar show for the conclusion of the New York leg of Bernando's112th Birthday & Book Tour on June 6, 2013 at the downtown club The Slipper Room which boasts an adorable gilt framed stage. Here is a recap of what you missed to try and give you the feeling of what fun we had! Personally, I couldn't stop dancing and the time just flew by. I wrote this thank you to the group which summarizes my feelings. The performers that night were the husband and wife team Jesse Gelber (piano, musical direction) and Kate Manning (vocals), Gin Minsky (tap dancer), burlesque artists Jezebel Express, Evelyn Vinyl, acrobatic showgirl Miss Kae Burke from the House of YES, Kevin Dunn on drums, Mike Hashim on sax and Master of Ceremonies Dandy Wellington who recently appeared on Page Six for his role in the opening night festivities for the film launch of The Great Gatsby.This band does not disappoint so give yourself a treat and beat it to see them asap at The Cutting Room July 20.

 Happy Birthday Bernando! photo credit Jane Kratochvil Photography

Dear Champagne Riot New York -
Thank you for the marvelous show you put on Thursday night for Bernando! It was stellar and classy! How perfect and lovely The Champagne Riot is! Bernando was transfixed watching and enjoying every moment, moving along to the music! The music fit him like a glove and it was sheer pleasure to see him transported to his younger days of the jazz age. "That guy can really play piano"!
The trio was HOT and on the mark!
Evelyn Vinyl
And speaking of hot Miss Evelyn Vinyl you are gorgeous and I heard that more than once! Kate my dear you were really on FIRE Thursday night and we loved every single song you covered. So funny, so witty we wanted more!

Jezebel Express watch out for curves! photo S Sheddy
 When it was Jezebel's turn Bernando said "Take it easy baby take it easy"! Gin Minsky what a delight you are! I personally loved your attention to detail with glittering knee high socks that matched your umbrella. Emerald Green as you spun out of one costume to another until you were right down to your tassles. Classic!
Gin Minsky taps her way into our hearts Photo Shell Sheddy
Mike your playing has an élan and we hung on every note as you soared! Thank you Sir for the ride!
Dandy and Kevin - number 721 and 428 very good and looking sharp as always!  :)
Jesse stand stands for Joy! I am so glad you got to wield your magic on a real set of piano keys. It was so much fun watching you having fun.

The Lovely Kae Burke poses with Bernando Photo S Sheddy
 And SURPRISE! Kae Burke from the House of YES! appears out of nowhere, the magical circus queen dressed like one of Lee Chappell's cupcakes thrilling the audience with worry and suspense slithering up and down white fabric ropes. You were a VISION  and I was so proud and delighted! Thank you for saying YES!
Kae Burke from House of YES photo credit Jane Kratochvil Photography

Last but no least, thanks to Lee Chappell for baking and bringing all those cupcakes making Bernando's birthday wish as he blew out his candles delicious! Everyone in the room had a treat!! Lee, thank you for making my acquaintance with The CRNY
Making a wish! Photo  Shell Sheddy
My only regret is that I sang so badly! Next time on Bernando's 113th I insist on a run through. Hopefully everyone forgave me. I wanted to do it well but I guess I just had a bit too much on my mind. I hope you will reserve your judgment on me. I admire you all so. The Slipper Room is a perfect venue for you and I do hope you go back! Soon!
Again many, many thanks for the conclusion of Bernando's Birthday & Book Tour  week in New York made as fabulous and memorable at it's conclusion as it was at it's beginning with the Yankees!
Much Love to you all xoxoxoxo - Ekayani Chamberlin, Assistant and Granddaughter to Bernando LaPallo
LaPallo meets Jeter Saturday June 1, 2013 during batting practice NY Daily News

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