Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Slimdown Challenge Kicks Off July - Are You Ready?

Make the commitment to your health and join my 30 Day Challenge!

Summer is in full swing and already I have been out and about on two successive weekends enjoying the festivities that New York City and it's environs has to offer.  There are as many ways to celebrate the solstice as there are communities and boy do we have a lot of communities. You want to feel and look your best while enjoying the summer months sporting the latest fashions or better yet wearing a bikini. By now if you have been following along on my blog you understand the strain and stress that being overweight puts on your heart as well as the risks you face for diabetes. So before I share all the fun, I invite you and your friends to join in a 30 Day Summer Slim Down Challenge I am running using Usana's RESET Transformation kits now!  It's sure to be rewarding. When you start to regain your energy and zest for life your confidence will soar.  I want to emphasize that this is a sane weight management program free of gimmicks, hype and unsavory ingredients. A common sense approach with a daily exercise program while eating plenty of fresh fruit, veggies and water will contribute to your success. As part of your package you will receive a free and confidential True Health Assessment,  low glycemic recipes, weekly weight checks, and one on one phone consultations. I am  offering a gluten free version of this 30 Day Summer Slimdown program here.  The challenge begins in July.  RSVP by June 30th here to participate in this limited time offer.
So are you ready to look and feel your best while establishing healthy habits for a lifetime? Sure you are! So grab a friend and lets get started!

Summer Solstice Fun & Jazz Age Parties

The dance floor canopied by trees fab!
I hopped the ferry to Governor's Island Sunday,  June 16th to catch the Eighth Annual Great Lawn Party with Arenella's jazz age Dream Land Orchestra complete with a dance floor set up under a canopy of trees dancing till I could dance no more. The music played by his live orchestra hail from the 1920 and teens with everyone dressing the part. I brought a picnic lunch to share with friends though I did sample some of the treats on site. I got lots of complements on my socks as I tried my best to look like a gal of the period out to enjoy a day by the water.
Ekayani in striped chemise,ankle socks, polka dot heels

Michael Arenella sings into a megaphone 20's style

June 21 was the Summer Solstice and I went Swedish! I enjoyed my first ever MidSummer Festival held in Battery Park dancing around a maypole decorated in sunflowers to the strains of Swedish folk music while wearing a flower crown made for me by my friend the stylist Ulrika. It's been a while since I went to Stockholm but with the water from the bay lapping against the rocks and the steeple like roof of Pier 6 I believed I was there. The purpose of this festival is to celebrate and attract fertility and it's been going on a long time predating Christianity's foothold in Sweden. The whole village would come out for this with farmers as the foundation according to Ulrika.
Wearing a flower wreath

Dancing around and near the maypole on Pier 6
The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a picnic in the grass with a gaggle of friends and toddlers. After the dancing there was more eating and drinking. And then more eating and drinking. Ulrika instructed me to pick 7 different kinds of flowers to place under my pillow that night to help me "dream about my future husband". This is a Swedish tradition and this is what I picked. Sweet dreams!
All flowers I found in my neighborhood

Saturday 22 -  I went to the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island enjoying the sun, salt breeze and flamboyant costumes of men and woman dressed as mermaids. mermen,coral reefs,sailors, pirate ships and sea creatures. I am grateful that I have been taking care of my health all this time to dive into one festive occasion to another. What are the ways you celebrate summer? Leave your comments below. Remember to write what your Goal Weight is and your Current Weight when you sign up for the challenge by writing me!
A barnacled lady! Looks like a coral reef to me Photo credit CBS News
Finally please learn about USANA's quality guarantee from the founder Dr. Myron Wentz.

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