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My RESET Story - How I Lost 10 Stubborn Pounds

Me on the Parisian catwalk for DeSenneville about 1990
Everyone has an ideal weight where they feel their body working at it's optimal levels. For me that weight harkens back to my days as a 27 year old living in Paris while working as a fashion model. (Mind you those were the pre anorexic look days). For many years I was able to keep that ideal weight and then when I hit my mid 40's things changed. Much to my chagrin a favorite pair of classic striped pants were now impossible for me to wear. I couldn't close them at the waist. Surely I must be hallucinating, I thought, as I began to go to through my closet trying on old outfits that I used to breeze in an out of only to find that they were now unwearbable. My YSL safari style pantsuit bequethed to me by a French friend I couldn't get past my thighs let alone zip up the fly. My sexy blue zip up hot pants by Vivienne Westwood and my catsuits all off limits. All in all it amounted to ten stubborn pounds that had accumulated around my waist and on my thighs. What happened? Or more to the point what was no longer happening?


RESET or How I Lost 10 pounds

 BEFORE & heavier pictured with my grandfather
Up to this point I had never been on a "diet" in my life. I had committed to a vegetarian lifestyle three decades before at 18, ate organic and had no big vices to speak of other than chocolate. I had eaten chocolate all my life and my ex - boyfriend used to joke when he got home that he had my "health food" which consisted of no less than 3 chocolate bars and usually a bag of corn chips. I'd consume that much a week and without realizing it, I had my own little mini carb and sugar roller coaster scenario going on. I equated that dietary roller coaster with gorging on bagels and donuts and since that was not the portrait of my life, I didn't get it at first. Although the chocolate I was eating was labeled organic, the story lay deeper than that. It was still in a classic bar form and much more processed than cacao should be. Raw cacao is good for you as it it not only high in antioxidants but rich in minerals such as Magnesium which is used in over 300 bodily functions. It was the magnesium in higher doses that my body was really craving and I was simply not getting enough. Magnesium's functions include providing fuel to the mitochondria in the cell. The mitochondria is like a mini factory where the cell does what it needs to do to keep the body healthy like turning the foods I eat into energy. My cells need to breathe, reproduce,  and this is key - to  excrete what it can't use. If the cell is low on fuel, the waste matter just doesn't make it out and manifests as low energy, poor digestion and as unwanted weight on my thighs, behind and tummy. I had been espousing RESET to customers and seeing some amazing results and now it was time to do it myself. For two days I consumed nothing but the Usana Nutrimeal shakes, made sure I doubled up on my Healthpaks taking them morning and night and drank plenty of water. I kept up with my regime of biking to where I needed to go and ate fruits during the day and a light salad at night along with my evening shake. People I was not hungry at all. I thought I might need to use the Usana Nutrition bars which I love because they actually have nutrition in them but in this case I didn't  require them. That surprised me but like I said everyone is different. At the end of just two days I dropped those ten pounds and the fat pants I was wearing were now baggy on me. My friend Josefa gasped when she saw me. "My God you've dropped so much weight! What did you do?"  RESET baby.  I hit my goal after two days which may not be typical but was amazing nonetheless. I stuck to the program using just water to make make shakes keeping them nutrient rich and calorie poor. My body was able to rejuvenate tapping into my old high metabolic rate and the pounds literally melted away. My striped pants and I were now back in action!

My Happy Ending

Me June 3, 2013 with my grandfather Bernando LaPallo

That was two years ago and I have not gained a single pound back. In fact I have continued to slim down and tone as I keep up with my regular biking routine and comply on a daily basis with my MyHealthpak supplementation. I get my optimal nutrition daily with Active (magnesium) Calcium that keeps my legs from cramping from all the biking I do while keeping my cells chugging along. I take my mega antioxidants, chelated minerals, AO Booster, Visionex to keep my eyes and skin healthy, Proflavanol C for easy breathing, strong teeth, gums and skin. I indulge myself in chocolate when I desire but it is no longer my main go to source of energy. My days of eating 3 to 5 bars a week are gone and now I consume that many per month. In mathematical terms I have gone from consuming 20 bars a month to 5. What I love most of all about my refound youth is that while I look the part I am much more grounded because of all the years I have under my belt. I get to be "young again" minus all the stupid mistakes I made the first time. At 50 it's a wonderful feeling! Would you like to feel this way?

Summer Slimdown


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