Monday, April 23, 2012

Client Testimonial - Ivy Diaz on Sense skin care

Ivy pointing to her "soft side" post Sense spa treatment

Ivy Diaz works as an insurance agent at New York Life. Warm and vivacious, Ivy has a busy high powered life in New York City dividing her time between her professional and family responsibilities. I had a one on one session with Ivy at my home office taking her through the entire Sense paraben free skin care line.  This is what she had to say.

Feel the Difference -  Half Face Product Demo Demonstrates Results
"Oh Ekayani, I have to thank you with a special message because today was an excellent day with all the trimmings and all your wisdom which brought me to a new level in my life with half of my face feeling Oh - So - Soft like touching cotton or a baby’s bottom!!! Skin is so important to me. If I take care of my skin it will take care of me. So when you and I had our one-on-one  today IT was a blessing.  I learned so much from you! You truly know your profession. Something no one knows about you is the fact that you truly have a special story to share which brings out your passion with your business.  And you owe it first and foremost to your Grandpa who is 110!  I was so touched and now I feel so much closer to you!"
Ekayani with her Inspirational 110 Year Old Grandfather Bernando LaPallo

Sharing Our Stories - The Impact of Inspiration
"You are an inspirational person. (Thanks Ivy.) You take your time to explain how you got to where you are today, what inspired you to get there, who were your key inspirations, and why you believe so much in what you do today. If I knew yesterday, what I learned today, the Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Aging, and Protection would all be part of my 24/7 life proving it with my tight and hydrated skin! But as I learned from you, it is never too late!!!"
Ivy purifying and hydrating her skin with Sense Nutritious Cream Masque
Save Money With Products That Work
"I also learned that the kind of money we spend today for so many items that promise to deliver a tight and hydrated skin is actually killing our skin ever so softly with it deadly chemicals. So giving to ourselves, which is the best gift of all and we’ll believe in the magic and miracles, that only “Ekayani” can introduce us to in under 1.5  hours!"
Live Life to the Fullest
"So I’ve always said it but I’ll say it again LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! No matter what our age, we need to just take that step and adjust according to age because as I learned from you today it was your turn to be creative with me and it was my time to surprise myself doing something new.  I have to say I spent the morning in a very meaningful way because you greeted me with a loving embrace and after our time ended I knew I was active and my day was a good one. You didn’t hesitate to complete our One-on-One and you sure cared, from beginning to end!

Thank you so much, for your time and caring ways!"

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