Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spa Week Smash! Recap of Christopher Drummond Beauty Live Event

Ekayani with Christopher Drummond founder and creative director

This is just a quick post to say that the launch of Spa Week at the Altman Building was a great success. This was a press event where all kinds of magazine and television PR ladies ranging from HINT mag to The Today Show to took a seat in the high chair to get a 5 minute touch up with Christopher Drummond Beauty 100%  natural and organic based makeup with PETA approved vegan brushes. It is a mostly vegan line with the exception of the lip stains and lip gloss which contains beeswax. (I only mention this as this is an issue for some.)  Saude Pele the hydrating and soothing radiance booster, Peach Sorbet lip gloss in a tube, Aymee a lovely iridescent eyeshadow with apricot tones and the bronzier Gold were a hit. I had particular fun with a gal from BUST Magazine a very upfront and concerned vegan.

On her I tried the Paradise lip stain and then had fun switching to Shiraz.  She was this side of red and as she was going to the premiere  of "GIRLS" the new series which is a hit even before airing I figured my disco doll needed some subtle flash. As a strawberry blonde with wide blue eyes Aymee on the lids was followed by Gold on the rims and Wink from the middle to the outer portion of the eye.  I also applied a bit of Oscar on her brow bone to push it just a bit. The algae and seaweed based mascara with A & E was a revelation as she had no idea most all manufactured contain lead and mercury.
Will I be taking on makeup as another profession? Not sure about that one but it was great fun to use the skills I picked up in Paris and the tips I have learned from Chris in a live event. Everyone felt great after their touch up pleased with the results and loved the elegant black organza gift bags containing  samples of CDB in light, medium, dark or porcelain. Cruelty free, non - toxic, long lasting, versatile and easy to use what's not to like? It's wonderful to see this company finally taking off and hitting it's much deserved stride. Ever since Dr. Oz was dusted with  CDB Sol Bronzer by Kathy Freston ( Sol Bronzer at the End of this clip)  the orders have been rolling in for all products. Gratitude to both!
Spa Week runs from April 16 - 22. Be sure to enter for your chance to win $500 worth of free makeup from CDB.  Really you'd be a fool not to. Christopher Drummond Beauty is the exclusive makeup sponsor for Spa Week 2012.

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