Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spa Week Launches April 16 - 22 Make Up Give Away by Christopher Drummond Beauty

April 16 - 22 is Spa Week, a North American phenomenon taking place in all major US markets and parts of Canada. A gal or guy can take advantage of trying out treatments for the alluringly low price of $50. 00 with little risk in terms of investment and a chance to try out some hot spots from Arizona to Toronto. Anyone who has ever dreamt about being pampered in a spa but has hesitated,  the appeal is clear as nothing is more rejuvenating than enjoying your own personal idea of relaxation in a setting dedicated to just to that end.
How It Works - Find Your Spa
Go to Spa Week page and type in your city and zip code to see what spas nearby are participating and what they are offering.  Relatively nearby to where I live the Ada Spa on West Broadway is offering a Green Tea or Milk Body Wrap while the A.F. Bennet Salon in Staten Island is offering a seaweed  detoxifying treatment for 60 minutes. Next, call the spa and book your appointment.  Follow your bliss for a price that is way below everyday rates but know that tips are not included.
A Chance to Win $500 Worth of Makeup from CDB
There are also plenty of free giveaways being offered by various cosmetic companies. All that is required is signing up for these random drawings but only one of them is the official sponsor for Spa Week.

If I were you I'd try my gander at winning this prize. This is your chance to win $500 of free makeup by my favorite makeup line Christopher Drummond Beauty that is Titanium Dioxide and Bismuth free. Not all mineral makeup lines are created equal as many of the ingredients are found to be skin irritants. Full disclosure that I wear and work at promoting this 100% organic toxin free makeup line because I love it!  In fact I was SO excited for a press event  for the line that I showed up a day early.  Just last week on April 4th, 2012 CDB was  featured on Dr. Oz's show by celebrity vegan Kathy Frestan. Get lucky! Sign up here to win.

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