Monday, April 2, 2012

Vegan Makeup & Dr. Oz - Christopher Drummond Beauty April 3 with Kathy Freston

On April 3rd on the Dr. Oz Show vegan author Kathy Freston will be talking about the vegan makeup line from Christopher Drummond Beauty. I am so proud that Chris is getting the attention his makeup line deserves. He is an innovator in the makeup industry which is unfortunately not self regulating in terms of the kinds of ingredients used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Everything from lead in red lipstick to mercury in mascara is used in the majority of products women use to enhance their appearance. When growing up I often heard the adage "You have to suffer to be beautiful." but must you poison yourself too?  Kathy, a Southern gal from Atlanta who has seemingly done the impossible by "leaning" into a plant based diet talks about some of her favorite things. Chris's Sol Bronzer and line of vegan makeup brushes are being featured by Kathy but DO check out his web site and see the rest! 
Skin Prep by CDB is Dimethicone Free. Hooray!

About CDB and Rosemary Skin Prep
I knew Christopher and what he had to offer was great upon the conclusion of our first makeover together. I became an instant convert and have been wearing Christopher Drummond Beauty 100% organic makeup for 5 years now and will not wear anything else. My reasons are practical as "putting on my face" takes minutes as opposed to hours, it looks completely natural as his mineral line blends easily, it does not lay on top of my skin in the way liquid makeup does, and last but not least is toxin and cruelty free.  It's also pretty. Did I mention it's pretty? His signature Saude Pele for radiant skin contains acai which helps improve the skins texture - imagine that!  His offerings are wide in range from Lip Stains to Eye Shadows and most recently a moisturizing Rosemary Skin Prep that goes on underneath makeup hydrating and firming the skin. If you have ever experienced that dry flaky look under your makeup which only magnified what you were trying to hide like I have this product along with a rice bran gentle exfoliant I highly recommend.
To find out what time and station to tune into Dr.  Oz on April 3, 2012 look here
Visit Christopher Drummond Beauty here
Ekayani wearing CDB of course! Makeup applied by Christopher Drummond too
p.s. And when you order any of his fabulous products when asked "how you heard"  about him kindly mention EKAYANI if in fact you heard it here first. Thank you!

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