Friday, April 12, 2013

Empowered Beliefs

Nicki Keohoho
 Nicki Keohoho is a co-founder of the Direct Selling Women's Alliance. I first became aware of her via Usana Health Sciences that engaged Nicki as a featured speaker during Sweet Retreat an event geared specifically towards women entrepreneurs. 
She has a gift for coaching that has been honed over 30 years of working with women who have decided to pursue the path of direct sales from their homes popularly known as a home based business. I recently listened to her speak via a webinar that the Usana Field Office presented on a live national call.  Nicki had great things to say on how women can in general empower themselves through practicing thoughts, feelings that in turn manifest into actions and results. Here I sum up what I took away from this gentle and strong lady's presentation for entrepreneurs that might also be called Thinking, Feeling and Willing.

1. Empowering Beliefs Free Us  Coach yourself first and shift your beliefs. Like En Vogue said "Free your mind and the rest will follow". Managing one's mind is powerful and noticing what thoughts we are having that are sabotaging our ability to believe in self is a critical first good step. Nicki also taps into impulses that come naturally to women and using that feminine energy to help motivate us in the positive.
We can ask ourselves a series of empowering questions such as 
What am I most excited about today?
Who can I help today?
Whose life can I improve in some way today?
Make sure you get support in making a decision to change your perceptions.This can be through books or audio if you don't already have a support person or group.
2. Feeling 
A trip around the wheel brings us to how we are feeling. Do we feel confident about our business building actions? If not why not?  Do we need to learn something about our business to feel better about what we are doing? Do we need to understand our product line better? Are we feeling the improvements in our life based on our involvement in some way? When we feel good about something it then becomes easier to take action by speaking with others.
3.  Actions lead to successful results.
What I liked here is that Nicki pointed out that success needs to be defined by us individually. While many dream about that big overnight success the truth is that success is built upon a series of smaller actions. Looking for and acknowledging the small yet significant victories we have makes us more appreciative and makes working towards our goals less overwhelming. A series of small successes grow over time.
4. "No one ever died from a NO. " How true Nicki, how true. An undeniable part of sales is that you will hear the word "No.  According to Nicki this seemingly simple no can have many meanings. Try asking your prospect if No means "No, Not now?" or "No not ever". If it's the latter you can respect that person's wishes. If the response is the first one simply ask when would be a good time to follow up?  6 months down the line? A year? A week? Learning to listen to others more deeply helps us avoid the pitfall of believing that our business is all about us when really it's all about the customer.
To conclude I felt Nicki conveyed a seasoned long term view of direct sales and the fine tuning we need to do on our own minds, thoughts, feelings and actions. The core of doing anything consistently over time is a balanced and mature outlook. Growing out of our self limiting beliefs help move us forward and gives us courage . I felt that this message was a complimentary perspective held by Jordan Kempner who speaks often on the importance of increasing your skills as a person which can be translated as self mastery.

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