Friday, April 19, 2013

Sleepinar May 19 Unity Church Tips & Strategies for Better Rest

This workshop runs from 2:30PM to 4PM 
Sunday May 19, 2013 at Unity Church
70 West 36 Street in New York City. 
Admission is $20

Karina Yanku of Karina Yanku Healing Arts and Ekayani Chamberlin are holding a spring into summer event on Sleep and How To Get Better Rest Tips and Strategies for You and Your Family. The demand for these presentations has grown reflecting the need of the general public to find holistic solutions to sleep deprivation that affects more than half of the U.S. population including children. In the "city that never sleeps" come take a break to Interact and Learn Self Massage Techniques for Restorative Sleep! Is beauty sleep a myth or reality? Learn about Night Renewal and Anti Aging Skin Care! The presentation will begin with an overview on the Environmental Impact on Sleep and simple things you can do to improve the rest you get every night. This event is presented in cooperation with Unity Church a Spiritual Center for Creative Living.

About Karina Yanku, LMT
Karina has been in practice for 15 years. She finds that three of the most profound healing elements on Earth are sound, rhythm and touch. They are the most primal forces we humans resonate with, regardless of race, gender, age and culture.  A warm, reassuring touch or the sound of beautiful music can literally restore and lift your spirit, grounding you and letting you know that you are safe and loved.The mission of Karina Yanku Healing Arts is the discovery and creation of new ways to merge these powerful energies of massage and music to affect an even greater sense of balance and well-being.  Whether it is Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hawaiin Lomi Lomi, massage accompanied by live didgeridoo, vibrational sound therapy, or composing exclusive musical scores for OANAMASSAGE ®, she seeks to provide increasingly innovative healing therapies for the 21st Century, specializing in touch, rhythm and sound for the body, mind and soul. Learn more about Karina's practice here

About Ekayani Chamberlin

Ekayani Chamberlin lineage is based on Culture and Nurture. She comes from a long line of healers on the maternal and paternal sides of her family. She has become a Sense skin care expert for Usana Health Sciences a pharmaceutical grade company that specializes in internal and external nutrition for optimal health over the past four years. At 50 she continues to model, perform and most importantly demonstrate the benefits of foundational health.  Her passion is educating both men and women and parents about the importance of what the body ingests through the skin. Now 50 years old, Ekayani got her start in fashion in Paris where she was exposed to many "top" products that failed to deliver effective results.Her foundation and inspiration for healthy living comes from her 111 years young grandfather Bernando LaPallo. She is the event coordinator and PR liasion for Bernando LaPallo's 112th Year. Connect with Ekayani here

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