Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Turning 50 and Nobody Believes Me

I just turned 50 today this April 8th, 2013 and the best part is nobody believes me.  When I tell people how old I am the response is usually "Really? I don't believe you."  I tell you it's simply nutrition and good daily habits that keep me looking and feeling good. It's a pleasure for me to demonstrate a living organism that is built on healthy cells.  Overweight, tired with an unspoken resignation that " this is the way it's going to be living from here on out"  with sure decline up ahead is not what I choose. While many women try and be coy and hide their age, poor habits and poor nutrition is talking loud and clear. Poor choices are aging them prematurely. The body and face reveal everything about the way in which a person has been treating themselves. Healthy cells make for a healthy body, clear skin, strong hair and nails, high energy, healthy digestion and so on. There is no reason to hide your age when you can celebrate it.  Partner with Mother Nature and allow her to rejuvenate you for this is the way of life. I am thankful to my grandfather Bernando LaPallo  who has given me a lifelong vision for what life can be with his living example of the cumulative effect of good daily habits. I thank  Dr. Myron Wentz's vision and practical action of making optimal customized nutrition available to me by creating and manufacturing Usana products. They have been a God send. I have seen changes in myself and though many would like to say that it is my "gene pool", all the good genes in the world wouldn't help me if I abused my body on a daily basis. Now I share my beauty secrets with you which are really not secrets at all.

                                           My  Beauty Secrets by Ekayani

The best cardio vascular workout, other than swimming that works for me is biking. I am a commuter biking approximately 10 miles per day to and from work from my house in Brooklyn to mid Manhattan. I burn calories, get my blood circulating, get sunshine and air without putting undue stress on my joints. I have gone down a pant size again in the past month and am now back to my 27 year old body weight. No gym memberships and a great way to spend time outdoors while toning muscles. Boosts my mood.

 I get to bed at a decent hour generally about ten pm. I prepare and set up my lunch for the next day, layout my clothes and make sure my breakfast is together before I go to bed at night. This helps me avoid worry and gets me out of the house on time in the morning. Sleep  keeps my skin healthy and keeps my immune system strong. See the chart here on the right to see some of the effects of sleep deprivation.


I eat a healthy breakfast with fruits and whole grains in the morning. Before that however I break my fast by supplying my body with a fresh glass of water with a big old squeeze of lemon juice to flush out my liver, kidneys and hydrate. Ahhh!


I take MyHealthpak by Usana twice a day ensuring that my body gets all the vitamins and trace minerals it needs. I love the auto immune booster that comes with as I require optimal nutrition to live and work in this very busy city of Gotham. As mental clarity and eye sight become more precious to me as I get older,  I make sure Visionex DS and Gingo PS are in my pack. I also take Procosa for my joints and skin.
my skin every day and every night with Sense this wonderful line of paraben free skin care that delivers topical nutrition to the cells on my face. I am feeding my skin anti - oxidant protection, boosting my collagen and elastin with Proteo - C and fending of aging with DSR technology. I cleanse, hydrate and nourish with the Basic Pack. It's super important to cleanse and nourish at night. This is when my body heals. I have had several friends tell me that I appear to be going backwards in time. Care to join me?
Twice A Day I Sen-say!
My Grandfather Bernando in 1924 Age 23
Bernando in 2011 Age 110
 America is obsessed with youth. The other side of this coin is there is also a reckless attitude exhibited in the self destructive habits that you can do anything to your body by way of abuse without end and somehow drag on. This is a pipe dream. Repeated trips to the cosmetic surgeon, fast food parlor and drug dealer can't replace good living. Take a look at some before and after pictures of people you love. In the photos of their youth, before years of smoking, drinking and poor eating they were vibrant with the beauty of younger healthy cells. As you look at photos of that very same person 20 or 30 years later they are almost unrecognizable. What happened? Was it an accident? Is it fate? The plain truth is that is what years of excess will do. Even though it is touted as being normal, abusive habits transforms people from healthy to sick, from their ideal body weight to overweight, from energetic to diabetic. I hope everyone who reads this blog understands that the end of their life is not destined to be lived out in an old age home slumped over a wheel chair pumped full of so many medications that they can barely remember their name. We have choices to make as adults every day for our families, for ourselves and even our communities. The body is a complex fascinating organic machine that only requires love and respect on a daily basis.That will carry you through many years of happy and healthy living. Avoid the sadness and devastating financial burden self created disease will place on your family. While none of us can avoid death, we can live, age and die in beauty, wisdom and dignity enjoying life for as long as we get to live it. Happy Birthday to you!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    You look gorgeous--thanks for sharing your tips and thoughts on staying young.

    I love that you ride your bike to work everyday!

  2. Hi Ekayani!

    Iam Ludson, from Brazil!

    Excelent your website blog!

    I have a question for you.. What the Bernando and you eats in typical day?
    Eats much fruits?


  3. Ludson - I have answered your questions in an email. Yes as always the majority of Bernando's diet is fresh fruits and vegetables. A post on this blog contains his health salad recipe. For his Fresh Fruit Salad and Barley Soup visit and watch his youtube demos.


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