Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Control Oily Skin - Inside Outside Beauty Tips

Oily skin is cited as one of the top concerns for women today. Out in the field, I have heard some extreme and misguided methods that women use in an attempt to control oily skin. (The same applies to teenagers.)  One woman told me that she uses a harsh drying agent on her skin at night and in the morning she slathers on a moisturizer. Heavens to mergatroid! This is ineffectual and harsh treatment. A deeper understanding of why skin is oily is the first step in controlling it.
Why Skin is Oily
Skin is oily because the skin has lost it's ph balance. ph means "potential of hydrogen". When the blood is too acidic it upsets the healthy ph balance inside the body.
Drink Water with Lemon
Well that was easy! After sleeping all night, hydrate and alkalize your body with a nice tall glass of water with fresh lemon juice in it. Your body and skin will thank you. Before you down that first cup of (acidic) coffee give your liver a flush and hydrate. Although the poor lemon has been maligned as being bitter, this fruit is a great alkalizer and readily available.

Daily Skin Care Hydrating Toner
I recommened to my clients that they use Usana's Hydrating Toner as part of their twice daily regime during the same time span they brush their teeth morning and night. Get into the routine! Paraben free, it helps restore the skins ph balance while closing pores and leaving it moisturized. It has an aloe base which delivers moisture. The gotu kola and coneflower refine and brighten the skin while green tea and whole grape seed extract help calm and relieve oxidative stress. For years I avoided toners because they were harsh and drying. I have found this one to be just the opposite and no longer have enlarged pores.

Tips: Eat Foods Rich in Calcium and Magnesium - Take High Quality Supplements
Your skin requires alkaline foods and nutrients such as calcium and magnesium to support healthy skin.Beauty comes from within.  Dark greens, non GMO soy products such as tofu or soy milk, and almonds fall in this category. However for todays' nutrient impoverished soil,  I boost my skin with The Essentials. Vegans and vegetarians will be thrilled to know that Active Calcium and Body Rox Chewable Calcium are now vegetarian. USANA no longer uses shellfish as a source of calcium for these products which is great news for those allergic to shellfish. Teenagers who are growing like weeds use up vast amounts of these nutrients simply to grow. If their  skin is broken out during their growth spurt consider that their systems could use some extra calcium to make sure they stay on top of their game and have clear pimple free skin. 

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