Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Moisturize Extremely Dry Skin without Parabens

While drinking adequate amounts of water during both summer and winter months is important to keeping dry skin hydrated there are additional steps you can take to keep skin looking healthy and moist. Let's start with the basics.
Nourish and Hydrate Daily
Skin needs to be nourished and hydrated on a daily basis. This is the key to younger looking skin. If you are interested in turning back the hands of time (and who isn't?) or want to maintain the lovely skin you now possess here is an easy 1 2  3 Step Daily Regime. I recommend to all my clients that they institute this at morning and night. Like brushing your teeth make it a habit.
Step 1: Gentle Daily Cleanser Cleanse and Hydrate

Extremely concentrated, this mild soap free, paraben free cleanser uses yucca, soapwort, and clary sage in a base of aloe. The first time I used this cleanser I was astounded by how moisturized and clean my skin felt. My skin had started to become dry and at 46 I was decidedly unhappy about that. This product is what sold me on the entire skin care line. I remember thinking if this was just the cleanser things could only improve from here! Since then I have come to appreciate it as a makeup remover that travels well. A life saver after being on long flights notorious for the drying effects on skin. (Flight attendants I am talking to you.) Shelf life two years. Patented self preserving technology.
Step 2 Hydrating Toner
This is key for extremely dry skin. Hydrating dry skin should happen at every step of your daily regimen. Heaven in a bottle, this aloe based product with green tea and whole grape seed extract helps restore the skins ph balance while moisturizing. For years I avoided toners because they dried out my skin. Removes residual dirt and makeup. A bit thicker than what you might be accustomed to (that's the aloe vera)  dampen a cotton pad before applying the toner. When done with one side flip over and use the other.  Paraben free.

Step 3 Moisture and Hydrate Dry Skin Both Day and Night
Keeping dry skin hydrated both day and night is key.
During the day you need to protect your skin from various environmental assaults in the form of smog, smoke, stress and sun. Keeping it moist is the goal. The Daytime Protective Emulsion locks in moisture with plankton. A light weight shea butter base with added protection with SPF 15 that's light activated. As always green tea and whole grape seed extract are present to soothe and protect. Paraben free.

Night time is when the body repairs itself from the oxidative damage it has been under during the day. The skin is no different and it bares the brunt of the encounter with the outside world.Wake up with younger looking skin by applying Night Renewal Creme rich in vitamins A and E. Our stalwart allies of whole grape seed extract, green tea, gotu kola and Irish moss join forces with shea butter and mallow. Don't cheat yourself by skipping your night time skin care!  Make it a ritual and you will notice improvement in your extremely dry skin more quickly.
Tips: Did you know that you get a new skin every 30 days?
That's right just like a snake you shed old skin on a monthly basis. Take advantage of this fact and seize the opportunity to have healthier skin. Every month you have a chance to rebuild your skin from the cellular level both nourishing and hydrating it from the ground up.
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  1. so great!
    l got a sample of these products from Ekayani last winter when my skin was majorly suffering and l became a total convert! l've never experienced products that worked so quickly and effectively check them out and see if they work for you :)

  2. Hey Miami! Thank you for your lovely testimonial. The products do work quickly when used regularly it's true! It's amazing the difference on can see in literally the first treatment!


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