Sunday, January 22, 2012

What is Asthma and How to Support Healthy Lungs

What is Asthma?
Here are two definitions of asthma:
noun /ˈazmə/ A respiratory condition marked by spasms in the bronchi of the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing. It usually results from an allergic reaction or other forms of hypersensitivity

2. Asthma, from the Greek Άσθμα (ásthma), meaning gasp, is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, airflow obstruction, and bronchospasm. Symptoms include wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.

In my last post on Solar Energy Installation and Your Skin It's Urgent I touched on the asthma epidemic in children caused by coal burning plants installed in big cities. The definitions above got me to thinking about another product that has been helpful in providing relief to some adult asthma sufferers I have had as clients because of the support it provides to the cardio vascular system.

What do grapes have to do with your lungs?
Often dubbed natures candy, grapes contain a seed from which grapeseed oil can be pressed. Red grapes contain resveratrol, a natural phenolic antioxidant that can help blood vessels remaining open, and pliable from clumping together. This would suggest that eating seedless grapes is not so great as it leaves out the most beneficial part of the grape.  Read More

How to Support Healthy Lungs with Proflavanol C 100
About those grape seeds....Grape seed extract is used in this bottle of Proflavanol C. Here are the benefits aside from not having to chew the seed itself which admittedly does have a bitter taste. Available year round.
  • Clinically shown to promote sound cardiovascular health*
  • Helps support balanced immune function*
  • Vitamin C carries dual importance as the body’s premier water-soluble antioxidant and as a coenzyme essential for the synthesis and health of connective tissues and throughout the body*
  • Supports eye health*
  • Provides ingredients essential for maintaining healthy, younger-looking skin*
  • Younger Looking Skin too? For you Style Watchers film star Emma Stone admitted to just using grape seed oil on her skin several times a day. Grape seed has incredible regenerative powers for the skin which is why it is used in Usana's pure botanical line Sense.

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