Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's For the Guys - Mens's Grooming Products that Go Beyond Shaving Kits

Valentine's Day is  around the corner and while the emphasis is placed on the wooing of women what about the guys?

For those ladies already in a meaningful relationship here is a suggestion to enhance your loved ones well being. If you have already given your man grooming products (like shaving kits) try giving him something that will help him Man Up and Moisturize. If your man's poor skin is burning and stinging after a shower and a shave, help him glow and feel better in his own skin with these three easy steps. TLC not included.

Step 1 Start with a Clean Slate
Give you man a bottle of the Gentle Daily Cleanser. It will gently removes impurities from his skin while sealing in moisture. Concentrated he'll only need a dime full which makes your thoughtful gift last and last and last...Paraben free.

Step 2 Exfoliate Before He Shaves

Rice Bran Polisher will help your man have a smoother and cleaner shave. It will support an acne free and radiant complexion because of the papaya and kukui nut oil in it that helps balance the skins ph.
Step 3. Protect and Moisturize
 Help protect  your prince's complexion with daytime protective emulsion. It contains SPF 15 which can help him from getting that weather beaten look. He can also try using olive oil. My grandfather Bernando LaPallo swears by it and he doesn't have a line or wrinkle on his 110 year old face.

TIP: Instead of slapping on an alcohol based astringent on his skin  let him try our Hydrating Toner. Aloe based it seals pores shut. It won't sting his beautiful face. To order these products mentioned here visit my website and look under Personal Care. All products are paraben free.

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