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Your Teen and Acne - How to Help Them Through Their Growth Spurt

It's happening. Your child has suddenly become a teenager overnight. Voices are deepening and you find yourself looking up instead of down to have a conversation with them. These years are fast paced, filled with growth in all directions and can be challenging for teens and parents alike. One of the most important things for teens is the need to be accepted by the social circles found outside the family.  They want to look their best and good skin is the foundation of that. For parents it's important that their child continue to do well in school and stay healthy. With hectic schedules and nutritious food hard to come by I offer some insights and solutions here on how to make that happen for families on the go.
Pizza and Your Teenager
Who doesn't like pizza? For parents on the run it can appear to be a great alternative to making a big family meal after a long days work. All you have to do is pick up the phone and ask for a delivery! It may not be the ideal choice but we can't expect you or your teens to give up pizza entirely.  
What might be missing from this diet that you both need?
What's missing are the essential minerals magnesium and calcium which play a crucial role in the building of healthy bones and skin. In an earlier post I mentioned a friend who had been taunted with the name "pizza face" because of her pimply complexion when growing up. While pizza and soda might seem friendly, over time fast foods like fries, pizza and soda are acidifying meaning that they cause a ph imbalance in the body. (According to Dr. Christine Wood, the average soda consumption in 13 to 18 year old males is 3 or more cans of soda per day. 10% drink more than 7 cans per day.) For your teen this means a few things: A loss of calcium and magnesium, lowered energy and pimples. The human body is fascinating and clever in it's own way. The blood needs to maintain the proper ph at all costs and this is how it will compensate; The body is going to leach the magnesium and calcium it requires to stay in balance from the bones first. For growing teens this is not good news. This may also be about the time that you notice your teen experiencing rash like breakouts of acne and oily skin. This is so because again magnesium and calcium are needed to keep the skin healthy which they do by helping maintaining the proper ph level. If your teen is feeling tired and you can't get them out of bed before noon on the weekends remember that magnesium helps the body maintain it's energy level. Magnesium and calcium play an incredibly important role in the growth spurt of your teen. Try to restrict the amount of fast food they eat, add fresh veggies like organic carrot sticks or salads at meal times and be sure to add what they need in a easy form. I suggest a chewable form of calcium and magnesium BodyRox Active Calcium. It tastes good too.

Body Rox All Star Sports Nutrition
If your teen is a sports nut and you share that passion with them you can tell them that many top athletes take supplementation in order to perform at their best and enhance recovery time. In addition to calcium and magnesium BodyRox delivers vitamins D, C, riboflavin, folic acid and B vitamins for energy. Vitamin E, selenium, zinc and cartenoids have been added to support radiant skin keeping teens special needs in mind. Make it fun and fact filled and your kids will be sure to follow your lead. Get your teen into life long good habits now and you can look forward to many happy and healthy years together.
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