Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Stop Clogged Pores and Dry Skin - Nutritious Creme Masque

For those of us who live in highly polluted industrialized cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles trying to keep our skin looking as fresh as a daisy is a challenge we know all to well. Today I want to share a few tips on how to keep skin from becoming dry and clogged as we toil away in over heated office buildings day after day and year after year.
Using a Masque For Clogged Pores and Dry Skin
Drawing out the impurities that bury themselves underneath the skin is key to keeping clogged skin healthy. Avoid the temptation of squeezing whiteheads and pimples as it will lead to scarring. Using a masque on a weekly basis is a great way to achieve clear skin. As we age, the skin tends to lose moisture making it appear dry and wrinkled. If you have had the experience like I have of using a clay masque that left your skin feeling dry for several days afterwards I would like to offer a solution. The paraben free Nutritious Creme Masque by Usana Health Sciences is a God send!  It delivers moisture while drawing out impurities that clog pores. It consists of a scientifically formulated combination of  China clay which draws out oil and dirt that clog the pores while the mango and shea butters in the masque deposit lipids on the skin leaving it moisturized. It's never to early to start taking care of your skin properly and  for anyone whose years are pointing north of 40 you will rejoice as this masque delivers the best of both worlds. Unlike conventional masques it will not flake or  crack while drying leaving you free to gab on the phone during the time it takes to dry. How cool is that?

Tips: Apply the Nutritious Creme Masque like shaving cream, leaving no skin exposed to show through. Refrain from rubbing it into the skin (although you will want to since it smells so good)! Leave on for no more than 20 minutes. This is true with any masque as you don't want the impurities you have drawn out to reenter the skin. Rinse off with tepid to cool water thoroughly. Follow with Usana's Hydrating Toner to close pores and Daytime Protective Emulsion or Night Renewal Creme to moisturize extremely dry skin.
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  1. excellent post. As a licensed esthetician, I can tell you it's very important to keep the skin free of toxins in order to keep it looking and feeling clear...I'm going to have to try this product


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